I am taking in-person and remote clients in Connecticut, and remote-only clients in Indiana and Maine. Many of my clients report that they don’t trust what their own thoughts and feelings tell them. This can be caused by recurring negative and/or critical thoughts, fear that doesn’t seem to fit in the present and is connected to something that happened in the past, instincts that a negative outcome is guaranteed so what’s the point in even trying, and compulsions to act or behave in ways that the client doesn’t want to. I hope you will reach out to me if you can relate to any of that. I may be able to help.
A therapist should be like a hardware store. Once you have the new tool you came in for, you should feel free to leave. I strive to provide great service, so that you will come back the next time you need a new tool. I can help you identify achievable, healthy goals for treatment, and I will help you tailor skills and tools to help you achieve those goals.
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I offer a proactive approach to therapy, with the goal of getting you in and out of therapy as safely and quickly as possible.

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