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What our clients are saying about working with us:

“I had a life-changing experience with Luke using his skill in EMDR therapy.  His expertise and compassionate support helped me overcome deep-seated traumas.  I highly recommend him for anyone seeking effective mental health therapy.  I am grateful for the positive impact on my life.”

A former male client, 50s


“Luke guided me through one of the most difficult times of my life with incredible empathy, humor, and clinical expertise.  I felt safe and supported in therapy, and with his eld was able to finally feel like myself again.”

A former female client, 20s


“I don’t know if I can overstate my regard for Luke Robbins.  He came into our family’s life during a crisis in the Summer of 2020 and worked with us until the Spring of 2023.  He consistently exhibited the highest level of professionalism and compassion.  He is a real gem of a therapist, and a wonderful person.”

The mother of a former teenage male client


Luke’s presence, demeanor, and care put me at ease even in the midst of sharing my most shameful acts. This process of sharing my secrets (my deepest fears, shames, the chaos inside my mind) and receiving a compassionate, secure, non-judgmental posture was key to that fear beginning to loosen its grip on my life. Luke helped me recognize that it was possible for me to change, to let go, to heal. I’m immensely grateful for that.”

A former male client, 30s



“Our family’s experience with Luke Robbins as our son’s therapist has been nothing short of exceptional. From the very first phone call, Luke displayed a level of responsiveness that immediately put us at ease during a tumultuous time in our lives. I cannot emphasize enough how scared, confused, and lost I felt, but Luke’s calm and compassionate voice reassured me that we were in good hands.

Luke went above and beyond by agreeing to a video consultation so that he could meet my son. This was particularly important as my son had recently undergone a hospital stay followed by intensive outpatient therapy. He was also in the process of weaning off medication that had numbed his mind and body.

Understandably, my son was hesitant about working with therapists due to his previous experiences. However, Luke’s ability to establish clear and caring boundaries while gaining my son’s trust was truly remarkable.

Over the course of several months, Luke and my son met regularly, both in person and through video appointments. Luke equipped my son with a “toolbox” of techniques to help him cope with the various feelings he experienced throughout his treatment. One of the techniques Luke utilized was EMDR, which guided my son in uncovering and processing suppressed memories and emotions that were contributing to his ailments. Luke’s expertise in this area was evident, and my son found it incredibly helpful in his healing process.

What sets Luke apart is his flexibility, dependability, and punctuality. He consistently communicated with my husband and me, ensuring that we were involved in our son’s progress while respecting his privacy and maintaining his trust.

Thanks to Luke’s guidance and my son’s hard work and determination, he was able to graduate on time and embark on his college journey with newfound strength and resilience. We are immensely grateful for Luke’s dedication and support throughout this challenging period, and I wholeheartedly recommend him to my closest friends and family. Luke Robbins is a true professional who genuinely cares about his clients’ well-being and goes above and beyond to make a positive impact in their lives.”

The mother of a former teenage male client

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